Acrylic paint: how to use it on the wall step by step

Check out the step by step for using acrylic paint on the wall
To paint the wall, acrylic paint is not enough. So make sure you have all the supplies you need
to get the job done: brush or roller, roller extender (for higher places), paint tray, and
protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and an apron.
Step 1: If your ink is ready to use, pour the required amount into the tray. If you need to dilute
the product in water, mix it according to the amount specified on the package.
2nd step: wet the roller in the paint and apply the first coat on the wall, making movements in
a W. To paint the highest places, use a roller extender or a ladder. In the corners and places
where the roller cannot reach, finish with a brush.
3rd step: wait for it to dry for approximately 4 hours and pass a new coat of paint. If necessary,
repeat the procedure until you get the expected result. Ready!
Follow the step by step

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